15.07.2019, 14:00 - 20:00

Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Am Tullnaupark 8, 90402 Nürnberg
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In this 2-track challenge, you will have to find a way to make (1) steel processing machinery or (2) a software layer to accept only authenticated data and control commands.


In this challenge, we offer you two tracks to finally make something useful with Blockchain. We offer you old economy manufacturing equipment that should be making use of production data. In addition, we will ask you to get away from smart contracts for locking cars when the rent is not payed, but to be an authenticated software layer. So, here are your challenges:

Track 1 challenges you to make the controller of a sheet metal press be an agent acting in a Blockchain environment. Make the phantom phrase “Industrial Internet of Things” more real by not just plugging a network cable into it, but also giving the equipment some reason and human logic about what it is doing. The controller must only accept manufacturing data and control commands via the Blockchain system. The controller must deny operating the equipment when the communication is not trustworthy. Come up with a Proof-of-X for the controller to accept not only any data via the Blockchain system, but also data that is meaningful in the context of production.

Track 2 challenges you to have software that is able to interact with Blockchain. Get away from Smart Contracts and conditional logic. Blockchain should not just be about settling and clearance in trades. It should be about any great code to be part of a trustworthy communication environment. You will have to find a way to make a data evaluation code accept only authenticated data via the Blockchain system and write its results back to the chain in order to be a trustworthy data source in itself. Decide on your own if the software should deny work or just mark output when there are doubts about the authenticity.

Applying limits: code your own Blockchain from scratch or use the Hyperledger Fabric environment that we provide you with. No tokens or micropayments allowed.

Anmeldung: https://nuernberg.digital/festival/programm/2019/un-bullshitting-blockchain-for-production-machines-327

Veranstalter: NUE digital GmbH

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