21.07.2020, 16:00 - 17:30

How can Artificial Intelligence help to bring an Elephant efficiently from Berlin to Paris? And why shouldn’t you trust AI blindly?

If you have ever wondered about these questions, don’t miss this months‘ Know-How Event – Online Edition!

In the first part of the talk, join us on the elephant’s journey and discover how Lufthansa Industry Solutions uses intelligent algorithms to support and optimize the transport of a good (or elephant) in the various process steps such as network planning and pricing. During the talk, our expert Theresa Tran will dive into the world of air cargo.

The second part of the talk will be about Explainable AI. This term refers to approaches that make decisions of AI systems comprehensible for everyone. The motivation for Explainable AI will be discussed and an overview of selected explanation methods will be given. Theresa concludes with a demonstration of how Explainable AI can be used in practice.

As a bonus, at the end, she will tell you her best practices when it comes to bringing AI into your company.

Our expert:

Theresa Tran is a data scientist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. She enjoys transforming meaningless data into meaningful insights that make work processes more efficient. She experienced first-hand that the best machine learning model is pointless if the user does not trust it. Theresa believes that trust arises from understanding. She used her master’s thesis to investigate different approaches to make machine learning models more interpretable. For her work in the field of Explainable AI she was awarded with the Women’s STEM Award and the Datenlotsen Award. In addition, the German Informatics Society (GI, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.) honored her as AI newcomer 2019 in the science category.

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Language: English

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