19.02.2019, 18:30 - 21:30

ZOLLHOF – Tech Incubator, Kohlenhofstraße 60 , 90443 Nürnberg
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The impact of female role models in digital ecosystems

Research shows that companies benefit from team members with diverse backgrounds.

At the same time people feel more comfortable in environments where they feel represented. That’s why it has been found that the number of girls interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) almost doubles when they have a role model that inspires them.

Keeping these two facts in mind it’s important to explore many different avenues in order to encourage women to consider a path within the digital landscape.

That’s why we want to discuss with our three speakers what their experience with being and having role models is and what it takes to challenge the status quo in order to foster diverse ecosystems that make teams and businesses thrive.

We also encourage you to be part of the discussion, so please don’t be shy and bring all of your questions to the Q&A session!



Aya Jaff

Wanting to mix her love for finance and tech, Aya taught herself how to code and supported the non-profit organization “Tradity“ through her role as CTO. Aya is also a strong advocate for Girls in STEM and mentors young coders at countless events. She doesn’t code as much since founding the CoDesign Factory, a consulting firm that sends teams of scientists, influencers, programmers and other experts out to help companies develop digital projects.

Alexandra Kropielnicka

Alexandra is the lead of fundraising at Female Tech Leaders, a non-profit initiative pursuing the goal of empowering women in STEM and leadership and providing a platform for female role models. Inspired by her own vita Alexandra, a former art history student, who taught herself how to code and later graduated in computer science, is deeply passionate about paving the way for girls and women into the tech scene. Currently she is a young professional at a tech corporation and co-founder of a mixed-reality start-up.

Kimberley Parsons Trommler

Kimberley is Project Manager Automotive and Digitalisation at Bayern Innovativ. She holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has more than 20 years experience in various tech roles, including 12 years as Network Architect at BMW. Her current focus is innovation for autonomous driving and connected cars.


Anne Christin Braun

Anne is ZOLLHOF’s Senior Marketing Manager. She has many years of experience in tech communications and PR. When she’s not at ZOLLHOF, Anne is working on her Master’s degree in Health Sciences and supports an NGO as their Social Media Manager.



18:30 – 20:00: Panel Discussion and Q&A
20:00 – open end: Networking with Pizza and Drinks


Language: English


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